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Janitorial Service Is Different From Office Cleaning

Janitorial and Office Cleaning Are Not the Same

Office cleaning and janitorial service are frequently confused by the majority of individuals. These two are not the same. Office cleaning mostly includes deep cleaning, while janitorial is the daily routine of keeping the office clean. Here is a comparison to help you decide which one you need or if you need both.

Janitorial Routine

These services will keep your office looking nice, sanitary, organized, and generally clean. This is the daily cleaning routine necessary if you want to maintain a nice environment at all times, especially for any impromptu customer or corporate visits.

The tasks usually are; a) bathroom sanitization (which is a top priority); b) maintaining the kitchen or staff break rooms; c) scrubbing and sweeping the floor; d) removing rugs; e) taking the trash cans out; and f) dusting.

Office Cleaning

On several occasions, this is referred to as a “commercial cleaning service.” You need this service for tougher cleaning jobs that are not actually necessary to be done every day. Office cleaning can be done a few times a year or before a major event, depending on your preferences and needs.

Usually requires the use of heavier equipment, their variety of cleaning services includes the following: a) keeping hard surface floors clean; b) cleaning the carpet; c) cleaning the floors; d) floor polishing; e) tile and grout cleaning; f) energy washing; g) cleaning windows; and h) cleaning furniture and upholstery.

You do not have to choose just one because you can have both. If you’re still uncertain about the service you’ll need, call Boston's Best Commercial Cleaning Inc. We can help you identify the requirements for your business, and then we can move forward. You do not have to go elsewhere because we offer both janitorial and office cleaning services. Our address is in Jamaica Plain, MA. Dial (617) 553-1393 to call for excellent office cleaning or janitorial service.